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[2023/2/28] The Trends Microbiol review paper regarding "MBL-mediated antimicrobial resistance" is online.

[2022/10/16] The MeDBA NAR paper is online.

[2022/06/05] The MeDBA(The Metalloenzyme Data Bank and Analysis Platform) is online.

[2022/05/19] Qing-Qing Dai defended her master's thesis. Congratulations!

[2022/01/19] The MeCOM tool/paper was published on JCIM.

[2021/12/10] The boron-containing metal-binding pharmacophore paper was published on JMC.

[2021/11/13] Prof. Guo-Bo Li presented his research at Shandong University.

[2021/06/10] The metalloenzyme hIDO/hTDO inhibitors were published on JMC.

[2021/05/16] Yu-Hang Yan and Gen Li defended their master's theses. Congratulations!

[2021/02/03] The AncPhore tool/paper was published on APSB.